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John Deere 1025R TLB

What else can be said, other than it was a necessary piece of equipment. From the moment we purchased this house it was obvious a substantial amount of work was needed in order to have an active farm. We have cleared brush, moved logs, dug holes, and any other tasks you can think of. The John Deere is a 2017 model and has a diesel engine. All the hydraulics and controls are extremely responsive. It has a Category 1, 3-point hitch. We have a few attachments and find it can make small tasks out of big projects. It has easily paid for itself and would highly recommend it.

JD 1025R - Clearing Some Land


In this video I am testing the steadiness of the Skylab gimbal and the abilities of my tractor and GoPro. I have the gimbal mounted to the tractor. Although it does have an obvious shake I think the steadiness is uncanny. The reason I am clearing this land is in preparation of new animals for the farm.

JD 1025R - Harvesting Wood Cold Weather

I have had the tractor for a few months now. I have cleared about an acre of land so far. It is an awesome machine. I am now getting some wood for the new wood stove and moving it with ease.

JD 1025R - Titan attachments 30" pallet forks


This is me using my John Deere 1025r with the pallet forks made by Titan Attachments. I try to give you some perspective on how they work. I felt overall they are a fantastic product. It helped me to move a lot of trees in a short amount of time. It should be obvious but in the moment not always do you think perfect. I found when moving large logs try to ensure center balance as best as possible. In the middle of the video I actually caught the rear wheel lifting off the ground.

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