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Farm to Table

Farm to Table is a slow and enduring process. Animals and plants all grow at a realativly slow pace. It is a job that requires constant attention despite the weather, life events, and personal health. At Kraus Farms we raise our pigs, chickens, and bees with pride and the idea that the final product will taste better because of the effort and attention to detail.



This is a video on the entire process of raising our pigs. While watching you will notice all the work that goes into true farm to table process. This video has the harvesting, processing and cooking detail included. We have an annual Labor Day Pig Roast and it always draws a crowd.



In this video we are at month 4 of keeping bees for the first time. This was definatly an experience and the honey was terrific. We did get some additional honey after this initial harvest. Unfortunately we lost this hive at the end of the year.



In this video my daughter gives a tour of the new coop we built. This video focuses on the nesting box. The biggest task with our old coop was keeping the eggs clean. We took paint trays and lined them with astroturf and positioned the trays so the eggs will roll towards the paint tray basin. This allows the bird to lay the egg and have it roll away so they don't sit on them all day.

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