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  • Do you harvest your own animals?
    Yes. Some people will chow down on a piece of bacon or enjoy a pork chop but never truly understand how it got to the package. Most people think bacon takes a few minutes on the stovetop when it actually takes a better part of a year.
  • Do you get stung a lot?
    Not often although there have been a few moments when I said to myself, "Well this is dumb." It was all worth it in the end
  • Do you do Beehive and Swarm removal?
    Yes. We will come to your home or farm and take older colonies if you are no longer interested in keeping them. Additionally, we will come and remove a swarm. This is typically a large amount of bees in a tree. Please don't hesitate to call.
  • Do you enjoy it?
    Of course! It is a labor of love!
  • How did you learn to do all this stuff?
    Lots of internet research. Different blogs and articles along youtube. It is also a huge amount of trial and error. I have also joined additional groups like Morris Somerset Count Beekeepers Association, New Jersey Beekeepers Association, and the National Beekeepers Association. They provide endless insight that make beekeeping easier.
  • Do your kids understand it?
    Yes, they are not with me yet to see the actual moment the animal is harvested, but both have been there while we butcher the animal.
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